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the cLan

anti-hazing LaW!!
eL GaLLeRia PaRt 2!
the cLan
bLue PagEs
nAtcHEe's CoRner
2c cLan

oUr cLaN!!

 what does 2C means??

         The 2c stand for camaraderie clique, the word camaraderie means, a warm friendhsip that comrades feel for one another, it is a good will and lighthreated rapport between or among freinds. camaraderie is the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability, and clique is the small group of peaple who are friendly with one another, it is an exclusive social group formed between a few peaple who share a common interest, an exclusive circle of peaple with a common purpose, in short clique is a feeling of close friendship and trust among group of peaple.

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tHe wAy i fEeL!!