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flamekeeper AbeL


this site is for the best of skeptron in claret college chapter!!!! long live AKRHO!!!

 What it takes to be a leader?


    What does it takes to be a leader? As the case maybe, who would want to be one either in the government or non-government establishment? However, if one desires such position, one must learn the fundamentals of leading or heading an organization, private or public entity.

    Through the years, Our Founding Fathers had its tastes of what really makes one a good leader. Psychologically, leadership may be classified into three:

    First, those who are called 'a leader'. This type of leader belongs to those who have unsurpassed ability in various fields of endeavors or callings. The best example is Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

    The second type falls under ' the leader'. This belongs to one chosen to lead for the reason that, at that time, he or she knows and can offer solution to a given problem.

    Third simply falls under ' leader'. Generally, one can be chosen as leader through election as a result of one's popularity and influence over a group of people.

   Above the basic criteria of good leadership like credibility, ability to command respect, trainings and skills, decisiveness, effective communication, personality, etc. is the ability to accept people around him that contribute to a large extent in building harmonious relationship in the organization.

   Accepting people around you is respecting their views, listening to their grievances and negative attitudes. Further, it also means learning to live with their shortcomings.

   Somebody says that inside an organization is sometimes likened to a fruit salad.. finding in it complicated people of different personalities, the fact that some of your members are really sweet and cooperative while others appear sour and hard to deal with. A good leader must be ready to face such scenario.

   Also, it will mean not limiting your circle of friends to those who have the habit of approving your ideas. It is a fact that some leaders prefer the company of those who always complement you in how you dress, how you speak...etc. over those who always contradict you.

   If you belong to the top of the ladder, never use your position to intimidate those you think are below you. Sometimes, you find yourself unhappy with the performance and behavior of your subordinate. Instead of showing them the way through you as an example. With respect to impatient superior, always take it a challenge where you could show your best shot. Complaining brings you nowhere.

   Once you learn accepting others for what they are and not for what they have, surely you have given yourself a room to grow. In short, you have become the sweetener or the cream of the organization.

   Long Live Alpha Kappa Rho..... I was born, I will live and I will die as an AKRHO!


-May God bless all Skeptrons.


Alpha Kappa Rho of Claret chapter have spread its wings and become larger and stronger. For the last 5 years in standing, our chapter has become more efficient, more united, more and more collgiate students have been our members and pleges...Lets always keep the flame burning alive!!!!! I was bor, I will live and Die as a great, brave and mighty AKRHO!!!!


                                           Brod.Abel "YEO"

A- alive we shall keep the burning flame of our brotherhood
L - love we shall be our strength
P - power we shall give
H - honor shall we give
A - alliance we pledge
K - keep and preserve the good name of AKRHO
A - always shall defend the good name of AKRHO
P - powerful and influential we shall be
P - purity shall be our policy
R - reputation we promise to keep unstained
H - human and humble we shall be
O - onward to success till our struggle is crowned with victory and glory
                                                AKRHO HEIRARCHY
AKP HEIRARCHY Services Understanding the Heirarchy of our Brotherhood's
pledged to serve begins by preserving its history. The VISION, MISSION and
HARD WORK of our pioneers shaped what we are now and what we are
PROTECTING. Everything varies in many ways but every members' love to the
brotherhood will never vary in enhancing the future of the Heirarchy. Variations
aren't ruled out a hinder. For this reason, we created a 'light a do' list for our
members. Listed are some simple ways we can generate several services we may
* Make Services and involvement to your local Religious Groups.
1) Let us serve and donate help to local Religious Groups.
2) Let us preach God's word to the Family, Friends and Neighborhood.
3) Let us teach Children to pray and respect God.
4) Let us obey the Word of God.
5) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.
6) Let us respect others' religious faith and belief.
* Make Services and involvement in the Country, City or Community.
1) Let us support or fund Cleanliness Drive.
2) Let us support and engage in the Crime Prevention Program.
3) Let us help and support Community Services and Projects.
4) Let us respect elders in the Community.
5) Let us guide youths in the Community.
6) Let us obey and respect the law of the land.
7) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.
* Make Services and help your Family, Parents and siblings.
1) Let us participate in our family and friends get together.
2) Let us guide, teach our children and other children of family moral values.
3) Let us respect ,obey elders and family circle.
4) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.
* Make Services and help your School, University or College.
1) Let us create a Cleanliness Drive in School.
2) Let us assemble School and Educational Programs.
3) Let us support Student Affairs and its Programs.
4) Let us volunteer and support Faculty workshops and needs.
5) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.

* Alpha Kappa Rho International Service Fraternity and Sorority.
1) Let us create Programs, Projects and Services to establish closeness among
2) Let us communicate as leaders, as members and as AKP representatives.
3) Let us support, donate and fund the Brotherhood.
4) Let us guide and provide orientation to younger members.
5) Let us respect the Seniority.
5) Let us respect fellow Skeptrons
                                    "LONG LIVE ALPHA KAPPA RHO"

Happy 33rd Anniversary!!!!

Historic AKP: Overview
Who we are

In 1973,The ALPHA KAPPA RHO International Service Fraternity and Sorority was founded by sixteen students of University of Sto. Tomas (Phil.). The seed of the organization has been planted and the need became clear for a formal structure to contain the mutual feelings among members. In its early years, it introduced essential characteristics of such fraternities. An oath of secrecy, logo, motto, code of laws, and an elaborate initiation ritual. The organization is made up of men and women from mixed cultures, different religious backgrounds and interests.

Also known as AKRHO and/or The SKEPTRON SOCIETY has always been and always will be an organization steeped in the traditions of the past and dedicated to the pursuit of Brotherhood & Sisterhood. The organization is made up of men & women from all cultures, religious backgrounds and interests; it has spread throughout the Philippine archipelago and throughout the world. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, creed, political beliefs.

Since 1973, ALPHA KAPPA RHO has maintained a proud tradition of creating and perpetuating brotherhood for good men coast to coast. Dedicated Alumni have long preserved and enriched the tradition with a vision for the future that exemplifies the experience of the past. Through the years, many members have noted that ALPHA KAPPA RHO have made significant contributions early in their lives. With gratitude , these members have remained loyal and are supportive of the fraternity’s future.

We maintain loyalty and unity while we strive for patience, perseverance and pride

Alpha kappa rho claret college chapter,sta. cruz, isabela basilan, basilan provincial council




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